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Design Process

Design Process 1 Consult Design Process 2 Plan Design Process 3 Develop Design Process 4 Test Design Process 5 Deliver

Initial Consultation:

During initial consultations, we identify your target audience and discuss your ideas and preferences for the website, the functions you want, and the look and feel you are seeking. We advise on Internet strategies and solutions and present a possible solution based on the scope of the project, budget, and time frame.


We carefully plan a project around the client's criteria, scope, schedule, and budget. We define the design direction and tone. These are well documented and agreed upon before moving on.


This phase includes collecting the necessary data assets for a project, then producing prototypes. With approval of the final concept, we move ahead to development.


Once we have developed the site, we will upload it to a temporary web address where you can access and review it. Comprehensive testing of the functionality and overall quality of the project is done by E-WebConcept team and the client. All issues are addressed; any revisions are implemented as the web site is ready for launch.


Upon approval of the site and receipt of payment, we upload your website to your url address and provide you with a CD of the code and artwork.

If you are interested in our website design service, please contact us or submit a quote request online.